Corporate Play People

The Corporate Play People™ company is a fun, creative team building and event management company. Corporate Play People designs and produces dynamic, people engaging team building activities.  We utilized the power of play to motivate, educate and inspire valuable workplace relationships. With over 47 different teambuilding programs, we find the best team engaging exercises that fit your needs.  We want to create a memorable experience for your team. We are inspired to see teams grow and develop as a result of our interactive, experiential teambuilding activities.

Edu-tainment™ Team Building Experience

The Corporate Play People approach to team development involves a combination of activities that utilize play and fun. From mental to physical challenges, we find the right mix to engage your team. If you want to get your team out for some relationship building or you have some serious team issues, our diverse programs and experience is always open to solving your team building needs. Over the last 13 years, we have provided 1,000s of programs for companies from 5 to 1,000 and have managed large scale community events with over 150,000 in attendance.  Check out our edu-tainment concept.

Our Team Building Philosophy

Corporate Play People creates serious fun by connecting people through the power of play. The result is better relationships, increased team communication and a more engaged workplace. Our goal is to enhance your team dynamics by enhancing those relationships, expanding the communication process and inspiring more personal leadership. How we do that? By utilizing highly interactive team building activities. With over 47 programs that are designed to bring out the best in you and your team. We work with all types of teams including corporate, associations, school groups, non profit, conferences and conventions.  We love to inspire people to grow and develop.  To find that sweet spot outside their comfort zone. See our philosophy.