Charity Team Building              charity team building activities

In addition to some amazing team building programs, we can include the element of philanthropy and charity elements in the mix to really make a difference in your community. More and more companies and organizations want to be responsible corporate citizens. As a result, we created Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team building programs or Charity Team Building. The beauty of Charity Team Building is the support of your organization’s core values and company culture.  These programs include some fantastic team engaging activities with the bonus of making a different in your community.

Here is a summary of our Charity Team Building programs.  Contact us today at 1-866-351-7529 or at for a specific event quote. Go back to other teambuilding programs.


Given a variety of items from tubes, boxes, crafts and indoor/outdoor carpet plus a collection of canned goods, packaged food and other household items, each team designs and creates their own custom mini golf hole that is unique and fun.

Teams design and build a challenging mini golf course with obstacles that they will eventually play in a competitive and fun tournament.

Then we donate all the food items to your local food bank charity.  You have fun and feed other families at the same time.  Charity team building at the core.

Group Size:  20 – 450        Length: 1 – 4 hours


Bikes – teambuilding – giving back – amazing kids – what a combo!  This activity is amazing at team engagement plus the joy of giving back to some much deserving kids at the end of day.  Although we like all our programs, this charity team building is our favourite.

The fun filled activity will challenge the fundamental aspects of teamwork, communication, leadership skills, trust and ingenuity through the power of play and the result of providing needed bikes to needy kids will leave the group speechless and usually a little teary eyed.

Group Size:  15- 400         Length: 2.5- 4 hours


Our exciting ultimate scavenger hunt brings out the best in your team. This race style activity can be customized for your location with adding or remove items to create an incredible team building experience. Quest Plus is more than an scavenger hunt as we add the purchase of items for charity cause such as books and/or toys for kids, pet items and other souveniers that get donated to a cause.

Fun, active and exciting program that is unique everytime from duration, length, difficulty, learning and group communication.

Group Size:  15-450          Length: 2 – 4 hours


The FOODBANK FRENZY Challenge is an interactive, quick paced fun and always challenging gameshow with teams winning “food stamps” through a combination of mental and physical tasks all in the setting of the Price is not Right gameshow style.

Activities vary based on location, time frame and group dynamics.

Group Size:  40 – 500         Length: 2 – 4 hours


MAGNITUDES is fun, ingenious and surprisingly challenging. Bring your team together for a special event that focuses on the gift of helping others. Teams work together to create art sculptures from canned and boxed food items, building better relationships and developing a sense of community in the process.

Plus all the items are given back to a local community charity.

Teams will compete to build the best structure whilst that may sound simple, we’ve introduced a few conditions to make things more demanding than usual. Teams will need to use all the skills of their individual members to create a masterpiece.

Group Size:  20 – 350         Length: 2 – 4 hours


This is an engaging and creative program where teams creates a multi panel piece of artwork. The challenge is to produce an impressive masterpiece on many different canvasses. At the conclusion of the event, the works of art will be donated to a local charity of your choosing or maybe a community centre location.

The team will need to “see the bigger picture” as they pull together, communicate and collaborate to make the project a success.  This highly interactive and fun event involves a series of conquests that each team must complete as they create some incredible art pieces.

Group Size:  15-400          Length: 2 – 4 hours


By assisting the less fortunate, the teams wil work together, build relationships, engage their co-workers by assembling items for those in need within the local community.

The CARE FOR HOMELESS program will tackle a variety of fun-filled and challenging tasks that vary in degree of skill, duration and purpose. From physical challenges to problem solving exercises, teams will be entertained, energized and challenged. Thru their team engaging efforts points will be won and they will maximize the items that they get to add to their CARE PACKAGES.

Group Size: 20-400  Length: 2 – 4 hours


Several tribes struggle to compete to Outlast, Outwit and Outplay each other for the exclusive title of School Supply Survivor.

Survivors navigate, communicate, problem solve and establish bonds of trust and strategy. Competing and or cooperating in challenges of teamwork, strategy, fun and wits! Communication, Cooperation, Trust, Leadership, Teamwork and Project Management are key elements to survive a fun, themed and professionally delivered team building activity. Everyone can participate – It is a fun corporate challenge.

Group Size:  20-400         Length: 2 – 4 hours