Conference & Training

Looking for some new and exciting conference & training ideas.  Does your convention need some fun team building or interactive training sessions that delivery impact and energy?  We customize our team building and training solutions to include your team dynamics.  Many our classroom style activities may be less physical, however all are very informative, interactive with lots of learning. Here is a summary of our Conference & Training solutions.  Contact us today at 1-866-351-7529 or at for a specific event quote.


These energetic activities are ideal to jump start a team, reduce stress and create fun and creative play. We customized the activities to fit your conference & training needs.  These team activities will improve communication and enhance team relationships. Quick, Innovative, Fast and Fun.

Group Size:  15-750          Length: 15mins – 2 hours


Simply put, people and teams who “goal set” will produce greater goal achieving results.We will work with your team to create a system of goal achieving that is fun and interactive. With the use of Storyboards and Post-it notes, we can create a unique goal-achieving process that allows creativity to shine and provides everyone with a new thought process.  Goal achieving works when provide a variety of options and let the individuals select whichever method will created the most impact.

Group Size: 5-85  Length: 1 – 2 hours



WOW-ZER – the CUSTOMER is NOT always right. That’s right we go against the age old saying however in this session participants will improve their customer or client service thru some interesting stats and facts plus some interactive exercises to change your approach to customer service.  We want to WOW-zer with a new approach to engage the customer experience. Perfect for Conference & training.

Group Size:  15-300          Length: 45min – 2 hours



Want some fun and excitement to start off the conference? The BEE HIVE Speed Networking is an interactive process for people to be introduced, get acquainted, and enhance relationships. High-impact and fun. This interactive structured approach will get rid of the barriers and open up some amazing dialogue.

Group Size: 15-300   Length: 30 – 90 minutes


Want to spice up your Christmas/Holiday Party will a little activity?  Reindeer Games are a completely customized team building activity to meet any size group and location.  We work with you to create the best activities and format to have an enjoyable holiday party experience for everyone.

Group Size:  15-250          Length: 1 – 3 hours


Bringing kids to your conference or event?  We can entertain your children with qualified, enthusiastic, energetic staff in a safe and fun environment with facilitated activities for kids aged 4 and up.IMAGINE AN EXPERIENCE YOUR CHILDREN WILL NEVER FORGET

Group Size:  5 – 75         Length: varies


Have you been to the famous Pike Place Fish Market? Using the power of the FISH concept, we would introduce the many aspects of FISH to the group. Video assisted with lots of group exercises. Awesome ideas to ensure “work meets play” to allow individual or team creativity to flourish. Learnings galore from customer service to personal leadership.

Group Size:  15-300          Length: 45min – 2 hours


Fun solutions to build your “foundations for life” including the 3 steps to leadership growth, personal development tips, 4 goal achieving tips, and how to maximize your energy daily. From “tweaking” your creativity to the mastery of “showtime” ending with your PERSONAL PLEDGE.  This conference & training session will provide lots of tips.

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 30min – 2 hours


By utilizing the 3 P’s –  PURPOSE, PASSION and PLAY, this session with provided some team stats and why team’s are not engaged.  Team engagement is crucial to the bottom-line and we then show how to have a more dynamic, energetic culture.  We want to provide ideas to inspire your team to think greatness, to make a difference and ultimately understand the 3ps – purpose, passion and play.

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 2 – 4 hours


Designed to create some fun and excitement in short durations, Corporate Recess is ideal way to reduce stress by utilizing a variety of teambuilding initiatives to jump start a team. These fun and creative play activities will improve communication and enhance team relationships. Customized to the group and location.

Group Size:  15-75          Length: 15 – 60min


We love them!  Get inspired and get out of the office to create an environment that is ready to tackle the issues.  With our endless energy, we are game to assist in the entire retreat organization from location to meals to sessions.  You tell us how much you need from us and we jump at the chance to be part of your growth

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 2 – 4 hours


HOLIDAY PARTIES – if you want to spice up your holiday party, give Corporate Play People a call to customize an activity or decor for you.

  •  Win it in a Minute, Trivia Moments, Carnival, Holiday Scavenger Hunts, Pop Idol, Family Feud Game Shows, Reindeer Games, other fun game activities

Group Size:  15-500         Length: 1 – 4 hours


Beautiful parks offer perfect settings to host a fun and relaxing afternoon for your next company picnic. We will customize activities to meet your needs.

Games and activities, Strolling entertainers – magic, costumes, face painting, children’s play stations, Art Attack – arts and crafts,  Old fashion picnic games for all, Carnival games and inflatables

Group Size:  15-600         Length: 2 – 4 hours


We can create various themed games and activities to add to your corporate or group picnic.  From TRADITIONAL Games such as sack races, spoon relay, water balloons, tug-o-war, bocce ball, crocket, volleyball, dizzy bat relay, horseshoes, three-legged race or some more modern activities such as Fun Factor, Western Games, or Canadiana Games.  These games include crazy events such as big foot relay, wet beaver toss, dances with salmon, critter toss, goose egg drop, puzzle mania, obstacle course, mind boosters, cow milking.

Group Size:  15-400          Length: 2 – 4 hours