Edu-tainment™ Philosophy

“You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation” Plato

Our philosophy is simple! We create serious fun by connecting peoEDU-TAINMENTple through the power of play. By creating memorable experience through experiential activities, our programs positively impact organizations as a result assisting organizations/companies reach their goals.

We look at our services from an edu-tainment™ concept. A combo of education and entertainment all with the purpose of delivering playful, fun solutions through different themed programs. We maximize results based on your objectives/goals, time frame and location.

All our programs constantly evolve and improve as we deliver over 100 programs each year and inspire the passion in everyone we meet!

Our events are designed around this innovative and playful educational concept we call “Edu-tainment” which offers our clients an alternative to the traditional learning experience by getting your team out of the traditional classroom and experience some hands on learning.

We are extremely easy and fun to work with, deliver exceptional results, always on budget, and are passionate about impacting individuals and organizations to maximize results


“An innovative educational experience that achieves sustainable results and transfers to the workplace.”


“Learning intensified through entertainment, adventure and play.”

It also happens to be:
1. Our registered trademark.
2. A concept that will lead an evolution in non-traditional learning.
3. A pretty cool word.

Corporate Play People is your partner  and we look forward to assisting with:

• Building team confidence and commitment
• Increase individual and team communication
• Enhancing the learning experience for lasting impact
• Break down barriers to build relationships
• Improving corporate culture
• Promoting effective teamwork
• Encouraging leadership both team and personal
• Motivating the team for success