Events & Festivals


We are highly experienced in a variety of events & festivals. Our team combined a wealth of knowledge and can create, design, and deliver all aspects of your event management. From assisting with Themes, Venue Selection, Catering, Accommodations, Entertainment, Transport, Decor, Photography and more, we have the resources to find the best solutions to your needs. Plus we can negotiate with suppliers and take care of all those little details so you can focus on what you do best.

Group Size:  Depends        Length: 24-7

NON PROFIT Events & Festivals

With our experience with large scale public events,  we would be excited to discuss consulting opportunities with your events or festivals. We love to brainstorm and can provide you with some concepts and ideas to maximize your potential outcomes

Marketing, Sponsorship, Grants, Operations and Layout, Board Governance, AGM – Annual General Meetings,Volunteer Recruitment, Management and Appreciation events

Group Size:  varies        Length: varies


We have some amazing experience managing both small and large scale community events from private parties to huge public events.  We would be more than happy discussing how we can assist you in creating the best experience possible.  From us managing the entire event or festival,  to consulting on specific elements we are open to the challenge.  We believe communities thrive with engaging events that create a sense of community belonging.

Group Size:  varies   Length: various


The Festival Quest is an incredible custom event within the event where teams, individuals, groups, work together in creative collaboration, enhance their decision making skills and have some serious fun at your events & festivals.  This customized activities will take into consideration of ages, location and time frame. Plus we work into your theme.

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 1 – 4 hours


Kids Play is a 30-60 minute interactive, edu-taining family experience.  We combine fun and exciting activities to create a friendly competition that will leave participants and the audience smiling and laughing.  This highly interactive game show was developed for kids and/or kids/parents/grandparents to enjoy together.

Group Size:  15-250         Length: 30min – 60min


Magicians, Music, Caricaturists, Improv, DanceHeads, Get Flipped, Photobooth, Massage, Psychics, Strolling Entertainment, Stilts, DJ, BodyArt, Photographer, plus we can find whatever you need!

Group Size:  all        Length: varies


We can create various stations to engage and entertain your guests from kids, to adults to the grandparents.  Inside or outside, mental or physical challenges.  We have lots of games to fit your theme.  We love events & festivals and would be very excited to be part of creating some fun play solutions.