Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Corporate Play People™ is a dynamic and passionate, corporate event based company specializing in edu-tainmenttm concepts – team building, event management, hr training, entertainment, company picnics, holiday parties, theme décor.  We use the power of play to create serious fun in organizations. Be believe everyone should have their version of vision, mission & core values to inspire to move forward.

“Individual commitment to a group effort  – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

It starts with our vision, mission & core values. Our own personal unique passions – “the Core” that create the Corporate Play People experience.  We are inspired by the growth of individual and teams.  We thrive to move people forward, to energize groups, to find ways for personal and team growth.  We believe tweaking – the art of small movements forward,  will make everyone stronger.  Change is growth.


on PURPOSE – with PASSION – PLAY now


“We are leaders of dynamic and innovative team building activities. We create serious fun by connecting people through the power of play!”


Wow our Clients

Engage, Inspire, Entertain

Embrace Change

Be Passionate

Play, Laugh, Smile

Say Please and Thank You

Always do our BEST