Youth Programs

We strive to connect people, enhance relationships, increase team communication and ultimately create inspired youth.  Our goal with our Youth Programs is to expand and enchance the minds of youth people through our fun and people engaging programs.  The need for social interaction through play and personal communication is the framework to successfully impacting our future leaders.  We believe that school play, hands on experiential activities will assist in growing great leaders.

Here is a summary of our Youth programs.  Contact us today at 1-866-351-7529 or at for a specific event quote.


We have variety of games and activities that are ideal for school carnivals.  Ask us for details on this youth programs

  • Beginning of school year, BBQ events, Holidays, Fundraisers, Beginning or End of year celebrations

Group Size:  15-700         Length: 2 – 4 hours


From fun money Casinos, to gameshow, interactive games, entertainment or creative play stations, we design activities to make your Dry Grad a memorable experience. We are always looking for the next coolest activity.

Call us today and find out the best solutions to this once in a lifetime experience.

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 2 – 6 hours


Professional Development Days are one of our favs.  We love to enhance the learning of teachers and support staff by getting them out of the classroom and showcasing some serious fun.  The sessions are fun and informative where we maximize the hands on experience and provide some cool ideas for the teachers of our youth to utilize later.

Call us today for all the various options.

Group Size:  15-120        Length: 1 – 4 hours


Various leadership groups in the school need to experience some incredible learning through play.  From individual classrooms to multiple grades, we customize the youth program with many of our teambuilding challenges to fit the age level of the group. These youth programs use the power of play to enhance leadership by engaging the youth groups through experiential play. Grade 3-12.

Group Size:  15-200         Length: 2 – 4 hours


The School Quest is an incredible custom event within the event where teams, individuals, groups, work together in creative collaboration, enhance their decision making skills and have some serious fun.  This customized activity will take into consideration the ages, location and time frame.  We also encourage themes and can customize our activities to fit.  School Quest as part of our Youth Programs is great at the beginning or end of the school year.

Group Size:  15-500          Length: 1 – 4 hours


Planning a start of school or end of school year event.  We have a fun and informative program that is customized to your school and we attempt to work within your budget.

We have the ability to include school curriculm in a variety of interactive games and activities.

Group Size:  100-900         Length: 1 – 4 hours


We don’t do a lot of birthday parties however we are also into play as an interactive learning experience.  We have a few main theme events that generally last an hour or two (longer if you want)  SPORTS MANIA, SURVIVOR, PUZZLE MANIA, GAMESHOW BONANZA, WIN IT IN A MINUTE.  Fun Youth programs

Group Size:  8-40          Length: 1 – 2 hours